Aya Owatari 

Aya Owatari 

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Aya an artist/poet from Tokyo

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Concert in Helsinki
Concert in Helsinki

Aya was born in Western Japan and from Tokyo. She started playing the piano at the age of 3. She expresses her artistic visions through poetry, music and visual arts. 関西生まれ・東京都出身. 3歳からピアノを始める. 芸術的な想像性を・詩・音楽・視覚伝達で表現している.

4 songs from the concert &

Her piano concert was held in Helsinki on September 12th, 2022.

4 songs from the concert & on YouTube

Memory of Fragrance

Photos of flowers taken in Paris and image of the Baltic Sea, along with my piano piece that I played at the concert in Helsinki. パリで撮影したお花の写真と、バルト海のイメージをヘルシンキのコンサートで演奏したピアノ曲に合わせて

Memory of Fragrance on YouTube