Aya Owatari 

Aya Owatari 

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Exhibition and performance

Music event

Kerro Haaveesi- Piano cencert in Helsinki 12.9.2022

Digest on YouTube

4 songs from the concert & on Youtube

Hand dancing on Youtube

北欧のおうちで音楽ピクニック 2020 Our turn is at 1:57:33

北欧のおうちで音楽ピクニック on YouTube

Solo Exhibition

Art project organized by Tokyo gov. 8.2020

Precious colors of the rainbow on YouTube

Seeds of the Stars on Youtube

Installation decoration exhibition Koifish 鯉 at Paper&Tea in Berlin, Germany

Installation exhibition Frühling-春-haru-はる at Ula berlin, Berlin, Germany

Installation exhibition Histoires Naturelles in Berlin, Germany

Exhibition photo installation Humming at Sign gallery in Tokyo, Japan

Exhibition photo installation Shanti Town at Tank gallery in Osaka, Japan

Exhibition photo installation Shanty in Vienna, Austria 

Exhibition photo installation Kaodanat Rocket gallery in Tokyo, Japan

Group Exhibition

Installation exhibition Typhoon at So-ba Gallery in Tokyo, Japan

Exhibition Believe at Rocket Gallery in Tokyo, Japan 

Exhibition Image of Composite at L'epicerie in Paris, France

Virgin Exhibition M​y reality Things a​t Gallery Speak For in Tokyo, Japan

Photo Exhibition T​okyo Fashion Story​ at PARCO gallery in Tokyo, Nagoya, Japan