Aya Owatari 

Aya Owatari 

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Artistic Piano Concert

in Helsinki on September 12th, 2022.

She played some piano pieces that she composed, sang 3 songs that she wrote in Finnish include with a new Finnish song and exhibited her musical world as an art installation. Organized by Finnish-Japanese Society

2022年9月12日にヘルシンキにてピアノコンサートを開催. Ayaが作曲したピアノ曲と新曲を含むフィンランド語の曲3曲を披露. 曲の世界観をアートインスタレーションとして空間を演出. 主催・フィンランド日本協会

4 songs from the concert & on YouTube

Digest version

Kerro Haaveesi

    Tell me your dream  君の夢をおしえて

    Lyrics and Composed by Aya

    Translated by Elias

    Piano improvisation

    Composed by Aya

    Auringonvalo tekee kuunvalon 

    Sunlight makes moonlight 太陽の光が月の光を

    Lyrics and Composed by Aya

    English translation supported by Andy

    Heiluttaa sinistä ilmaa 

    Swings air of blue 青の空気を揺らす

    Lyrics and Composed by Aya

    Translation supported by Tanja and Miika